Powerhouse Science Center invites homeschool families/ groups to experience our STEM-based workshops.  This is a unique opportunity for homeschool students to focus on developing techniques and skills required to gain a better understanding of scientific concepts.  Students work with hands-on activities to realize how science, engineering, technology and society are interconnected.


Wednesday, October 10

Calling all engineers! Get ready to build in our Design Lab where students will create prototypes and models to solve different engineering challenges.


Wednesday, November 14

How do engineers get a robot to perform tasks?  Working with the Cubelets modular robots, we will design and test robots to solve puzzles and complete tasks.


Wednesday, December 12

Students receive a fun introduction to electricity and learn what really happens when you flip a power switch. They work with devices that convert energy from one form to another. Working with electrical circuits, students complete a series of challenges.


Wednesday, January 9

Space is mostly… empty space! Our Planetarium will serve as a starting point where students explore the vast distances between planets in our solar system, then take a giant leap outwards to the distances between stars! Students will also create models to represent these distances.


Wednesday, February 13

Dive into the wonderful world of waves! We can find waves all around us, not just at the beach. Students will explore a model of a wave to understand its properties before exploring two common types of waves - light and sound.


Wednesday, March 13

Students conduct an investigation to prove that all living things are made of cells. They extract cells and observe them under a microscope, compare and contrast prepared slides to human cheek cells, and examine differences between a typical plant and animal (human) cell.


Wednesday, April 10

Students perform a series of experiments and observe the fascinating changes chemicals undergo. Students will understand the basics of physical and chemical changes and will be amazed to see how some of these changes can be reversed.


Wednesday, May 8

What makes a robot a robot? Learn the essential characteristics of a robot and perform basic programming to sense, think, and act to complete challenges!

AGES | 7-12

WHEN | Second Wednesday of each month, 3:00 - 4:00 PM

WHERE |  Powerhouse Science Center

COST |  $18 members | $20 non-members

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