Incredible Insects


In this interactive program, students put on their entomologist hats as they learn about how scientists observe and study the diverse world of insects. Students learn how to identify basic insect body parts, see examples of real insects of all shapes and sizes from habitats across five continents, and get to interact with a few live insects up-close and personal! At the end of the presentation, students explore their own private “insect museum” as they use their observational and communication skills to ask questions and get more information about the insects around them.


GRADES: 2 -3

Fossils provide evidence about the types of plants and animals that lived long ago. Students learn that fossils are mineral replacements, preserved remains, or traces of organisms that lived in the past.  We focus on dinosaurs and set up five hands-on stations with real fossils and replicas for students to explore. Some of the real fossils include amber with insect inclusions, dinosaur stomach stones, coprolite, fern imprint, and triceratops bones. Replicas of dinosaur claws, teeth, eggs and many more!


GRADES: 2 -3

Students are presented with an exciting introduction to the three rock types by a staff science educator. They learn about rock formations and properties using an extensive museum collection of rocks and crystals. Four stations are set up for hands-on exploration.

Dynamic Earth

GRADES: 4 - 6

This program delivers a basic understanding about the structure and origin of the Planet Earth. Starting with the crust, students explore the formation and properties of the rock types with our museum collection of specimens. The theories of Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics are discussed to give students an understanding of how our planet has changed. Students rotate through five (three rock, one crystal and one fossil) hands-on exploration stations.

  • Grade 6 includes a cross section of the earth’s interior to explain location of tectonic plates
outreach programs for GRADEs k- 1 are 45 minutes.
Programs for grades 2 and above are 1 hour.

Fees:  $175 for single program presentation

            $350 for two presentations (same topic)

            $500 for three presentations (same topic)

            $25 Mileage Fee for schools located 25-49 miles from Science Center

            $50 Mileage Fee for schools located over 50 miles from Science Center

  • One class is allowed per presentation. Classes may not be combined and additional students cannot join presentations.  A fee of 50% of the total programming cost will be invoiced to your school if classes are combined or additional students join a presentation.

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