Get gooey during Slimy September!


Every Weekend in September, 11AM - 4PM

Stretch sticky slime! Squish and shape the sparkly stuff. We’ll use ooey ooblek and gobs of glittery / glow-in-the-dark goo to explain the physics of fluids and non-Newtonian substances. Connect with the chemistry of polymers by concocting different slime samples each weekend in our Design Lab.  

September 2 - 4 | Glow-in-the-dark goo: When the lights go out, find out why you can still see this slime.
September 9 - 10 | Galactic slime: It’s glitter galore with blinged-out slime.
September 16 - 17 | Slimapalooza! Sink your hands (and feet) into our massive tub of oobleck outdoors, then make your own oobleck.
September 23 – 24 | Moody Ooze: exploring Thermochromic (heat sensitive) slime.

It’s never been more fun to get slimed!


Wednesday, September 20 | 6PM - 8PM

Join us for another exciting Sac Science Distilled!

Septembers Topic |  Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change in California

Speakers | Alison Marklein (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) and Sarah Light (UC Cooperative Extension)



Thursday, September 28 | 6PM - 8PM

Join us as we speak with Dr. Dominik Haudenschild about Osteoarthritis. What is it? Can we prevent it?

WHERE | OLD SOUL @ FORTY ACRES|3434 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95817



Due to popular demand our September 29 Challenger Learning Center Community Mission is SOLD OUT. Our next mission, Return to the Moon is Friday, November 3.  Call 916.808.3942 to reserve your spot today!

The Challenger Learning Center Simulated Space Mission launches you on an exciting voyage of discovery. See what it is like to work for NASA while you perform hands-on science experiments, operate robotic arms, build a probe, and support the astronauts from Mission Control.



Boil and bubble... scare up spooky science with Powerhouse!


Every Weekend in October, 11AM - 4PM

Get ready for some hair-raising fun at Powerhouse all through October. We have five weekends worth of weird science for the whole family. Discover magical moon phases. Concoct potions in our haunted laboratory. Learn about bloodthirsty creatures and candy chemistry. Cackle with delight when we slingshot pumpkins and get into the guts of those gourds. You’re sure to enjoy the ghoulishly good experiments and spooktacular science!

September 30 – October 1 | Spooky Sky | Hoooowwwwwlllll at the spooky moon with us! Explore the moon’s many magnificent phases.
October 7 - 8 | Blood Suckers | Vvwwee Vvwwant to learn about blood! Investigate fascinating facts about blood sucking bats and pesky parasites. (Sat. & Sun. | Noon & 2 PM*) Make your own magnified “blood sample” from cool kitchen ingredients.
October 14 - 15 | Sweet Treat Science | We’ll get tricky with treats this weekend. Spooky scientists help you experiment with candy chemistry.
October 21 - 22 | Haunted Laboratory | Experience the excitement of creating bubbling potions and eerie mixtures with our creative chemists.
October 28 - 29 | Pumpkin Slingshot Spooktacular | Ready… set…SPLAT! Get ghoulish with gourds to test the physics of flying objects. 

*Activities run Saturday & Sunday 11 AM - 4 PM unless otherwise noted.


Wednesday, October 18 | 6PM - 8PM

Join us for another exciting Sac Science Distilled!



Want more information about these and other exciting Powerhouse events? Give us a call at 916.808.3942.