Powerhouse brings inspiring science moments to life for kids and their families in the Sacramento area!


Each year...

65,000 visitors explore science at Powerhouse

Through the door and invited to explore! A visit to Powerhouse is an exciting mix of learning, fun, getting hands-on with science activities, and engaging with dynamic exhibits.

887 field trip groups come to Powerhouse

Gazing at stars in the planetarium. Digging up the past at our archaeology site. Blasting into space on Challenger Learning Center missions. Students morph into scientists for a day at Powerhouse.

350 outreach programs are delivered at local schools

Insects become less icky and kids are fascinated by fossils when Powerhouse educators visit their classrooms.

336 schools in the Sacramento region enlist Powerhouse for science programming

Teachers region-wide know that when they book school programs at Powerhouse, NextGen Science Standards are met, and their kids are engaged in meaningful science lessons. That’s why they come back year after year!


Forces: Earth & Space

Forces of the universe make stars shine, planets orbit, and galaxies hold together complex extraterrestrial systems. When matter and energy work in synchronicity, incredible things happen in the vastness of space. Forces: Earth & Space opens December 16, 2017.

Design Lab

Building suspension bridges and constructing earthquake proof towers. When kids walk into Design Lab, the designing, building, testing and re-building process of the engineering-design cycle is in their hands.

Enhanced Nature Discovery

In 2018, visitors will exercise their powers of observation to gain a deeper understanding of the natural world.

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