Students are immersed in a hands-on, interactive archaeological project that integrates multidisciplinary skills in a realistic simulation. Classes work in teams to uncover the story of the fictional people who once inhabited a corner of the science center grounds.  Students participate in an outdoor simulated archaeological dig to understand how archaeologists uncover and decipher clues about the past.  Students use scientific inquiry methods to study the past while employing math, social studies, reading, geology, and art for a successful and complete archaeological investigation.

"Thank you soooo much for teaching us about artifacts and strata and archaeology. My favorite job was the sifter. I loved when we were outside digging and getting dirty, my group loved it too. This was my favorite field trip yet. Thank you so much." – Laney, 5th grader, 2016

Fees:  $350 per 2 ½  hour program, maximum 34 students.

  • One adult or chaperone is required for every six students. Additional adults are allowed, as space permits, at $5 per adult, payable at time of visit.
  • Download educational materials for Digging Up The Past HERE


Let's get digging! 

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