With the recent adoption of the Science Framework by the California State Board of Education, we realize this is an exciting time for science education in our region. Our hands-on labs, workshops and programs are in alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards and focus on providing opportunities for mastering disciplinary core ideas (DCIs) and Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs). For over 65 years, Powerhouse Science Center has been dedicated to partnering with educators across Northern California. We look forward to continuing this role with you and your students this school year!

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Test, experiment, investigate… spark curiosity in your students! Engage in a lab experience that is fully aligned with Next Generation’s science and engineering practices.


Invite Powerhouse Science Center to your school. We’ll ignite your students’ interest in science and give them the opportunity to become active participants in their learning.


Bring your students to Sacramento’s only public planetarium to learn about the universe! All shows include backyard sky-watching tips.


Launch your students on an exciting mission of space discovery! In our Challenger Learning Center, they will perform hands-on science experiments, operate robotic arms, build a probe, and support the astronauts from Mission Control.


What does it take to be an archaeologist? Students are immersed in an experience using tools, methodology, and techniques of archaeology as they uncover and decipher clues about the past.


Explore science topics in a fun and memorable way through our rotating exhibits. Self-guided tours ensure your students have a hands-on and minds-on experience!


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