Powerhouse Science Center invites homeschool families/ groups to experience our STEM-based workshops.  This is a unique opportunity for homeschool students to focus on developing techniques and skills required to gain a better understanding of scientific concepts.  Students work with hands-on activities to realize how science, engineering, technology and society are interconnected.


Wednesday, October 9

Waves are not only found in the ocean but also in the sound we hear and the light we see.  Students learn how the sound they hear and the waves they see are connected by using Slinkys™, and tuning forks.  Then they design and test experiments to demonstrate how energy from sound waves can displace objects like salt and water.


Wednesday, November 13

The planet we live on is constantly changing. To better understand the mechanics of this change, students study models of the Earth’s layers, explore Plate Tectonics, and learn about thermal energy.  They use model fault blocks to understand the mechanics of an earthquake and use a seismometer to measure simulated earthquakes and design and test earthquake proof structures on shake tables.


Wednesday, December 11

Students learn about the interdependence of Science, Engineering and Technology. Students are introduced to ecosystems and their components by learning about food chains and food webs and learn the interdependent relationships that exist within them. Using this information and working in groups, students engineer a sustainable man-made ecosystem, a biodome. In order to be sustainable each biodome will need to have a balanced flow of energy and meet basic needs at each level. Students will also calculate energy flow in their biodome.


Wednesday, January 8

Students discuss the impact an ever-growing human population has on our planet’s limited natural resources.  They work in groups to design an offshore energy farm consisting of model wind turbines and use the Engineering Design Process to decide on the most efficient placement in the wave zones and work under the constraints of animal migration patterns, shifting winds or an unstable ocean floor.  Students also learn to calculate the energy output and cost based on the parts used in construction.


AGES | 7-12

WHEN | Second Wednesday of each month, 3:00 - 4:00 PM

WHERE |  Powerhouse Science Center

COST |  $18 members | $20 non-members

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