March Activities At Powerhouse

From springing forward for Daylight Savings to the first day of Spring, the month of March brings change. Here at Powerhouse we are excited to announce an update to our program offerings: Family Workshops are back! These hands-on monthly workshops take a deeper dive into science concepts ranging from computer hacking to squid dissection.

Throughout March we are also celebrating Museum Membership Month with a special offer: enjoy a 10 percent discount on any level membership or membership renewal when you use the code March19 at checkout. Powerhouse members enjoy free admission year-round, discounts on summer camps, birthday parties, and other programs and quarterly members-only appreciation events. Click HERE for more information on membership benefits and levels.

As we look forward to longer days and warmer weather we can’t help but think of summer break. If you are also making plans, we invite you to check out what we have planned for Science Summer Camps and don’t forget to put these important dates on your calendar:

February 25 | Members only advance registration
March 11-March 24  | Early bird registration
March 25 | Open registration

Click HERE for full camp descriptions

Join us in Nature Discovery to hear a reading of Oscar and the Moth, by Geoff Waring and afterwards take part in a fun activity that explores how shadows are created.

Students conduct an investigation to prove that all living things are made of cells. They extract cells and observe them under a microscope, compare and contrast prepared slides to human cheek cells, and examine differences between a typical plant and animal cell. Click HERE to register.


Join us for a family-friendly planetarium show geared for young explorers. Our tot planetarium will cover the basics of space travel, a view of the night’s sky, and the chance to touch a real meteorite! Seating for this special show is limited so please arrive early to reserve your spot.

MARCH 16-17 | SCIENCE OF GREEN | 12:00PM-4:00PM

Take part in four different activities that celebrate the color green!

Snakes: Learn about animal pigment and the green snakes found in North America. Make your own paper snake kite to take home.

Plants: Discover why plants often have green leaves. Look at different leaves under stereoscopes, see if you can find those leaves outside on our grounds.

Color Mixing Challenge: Green is a result of the primary colors blue and yellow mixed together. Can you succeed at our color mixing challenge? Mix your own batch of green to match our sample green.

Penny Chemistry: With a simple chemistry experiment, turn a penny’s color from copper to green. Find out what is happening at the atomic level.

MARCH 23 | BIRD-O-METER | 10:00AM-11:30AM

Create your own tool to predict the weather and take home. With some cutting and pasting, you’ll complete a bird-o-meter that tells you the weather outside.

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