Grade: K

Are other planets hot or cold?  What is the Moon made of?  Explore the solar system and learn about the properties of planets and moons.  We will start at the Sun and work our way out to the coldest parts of our Solar System and beyond to nearby star systems.

Download educational materials for Our Place In Space HERE


Grades: 1 - 3

Earth orbits the Sun and allows us to see different things at different times of the year.  Join us as we discover how the sky changes from one season to the next.  First, students learn which stars and planets are visible from their homes.  Then, we explore our neighborhood in space, covering all major objects found in our solar system.

Download educational materials for Cosmic Neighborhood HERE


Grades: 4 and Up

The Milky Way Galaxy is our home.  From distant stars, to our own astronomical backyard, we will take a look at the Milky Way and the wonders it holds.  Come with us as we discover wonders both near and far.

Download educational materials for Space Adventure HERE

Planetarium Programs for grades K-1| 45 minutes

Programs for grades 2 - 8 | 1 hour

Fees:      $100 for 20 and fewer students

$200 for 21-40 students

$300 for 41-60 students

  • One adult or chaperone is required for every six students. Additional adults are allowed, as space permits, at $5 per adult, payable at time of visit.

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